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— PC side —

Technology Helps Investment
GTH adopts the MT4 trading platform favored and praised by global investors. With its powerful functions, perfect risk management tools and humanized management interface, GTH allows investors to enjoy the fun of trading products such as foreign exchange, precious metals and energy.

Our features
1: same account, more than 70 currency pairs
2: Minimum 0.01 mini lot size
3: Foreign exchange currency 5-digit quotation system
4: Expert Advisor function
5: Real-time 24-hour rolling news
6: Straight-through bank quotes

— mobile terminal —

The MT platform has created a new trading model for investors. Under the conditions allowed by the network, investors can enjoy the convenient, efficient and fast experience brought by “mobile internet”. GTH mobile client, clear indicators, convenient ordering, fast query function, let you grasp the opportunity of mobile.
GTH launches mobile platforms such as iPhones, Android phones, and tablets, allowing you to enjoy your transactions anytime, anywhere.

Our features
1: View real-time quotes for products being traded
2: Instantly buy and sell operations
3: Full support for various trading order settings including pending orders.

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