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High Risk Investment

Foreign exchange margin trading and CFD trading involve high risks and may not be suitable for all investors. Please carefully consider your investment objectives, financial situation, trading needs and experience before trading foreign exchange and other products provided by GTH. If you cannot afford the loss, please do not rush to invest. This website was produced by GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED. The content of this website is for trader's reference only, and traders are required to make independent investment decisions. GTH may change the content of the website at any time without notice to the trader. We are not responsible for any loss directly or indirectly caused by the content of the website or the inability to log in to the website.

Online transactions are risky, including but not limited to hardware, software and Internet connection failures and other force majeure factors (such as special weather conditions and natural disasters, wars, labor disputes or power failures). Since GTH has no control over your equipment, signal reception or reliability configuration via internet connection, we cannot and will not be responsible for communication failures, distortions or delays that occur when trading over the network. GTH will try to reduce the possibility of system failure, and customers can also trade on the phone when needed.

Network Trading Risk