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White label plan

GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED can provide companies with access to transactions. Customize different solutions to meet the needs of any organization, and allow you to provide online brokerage services to your customers through professional services (GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED will provide support, technical and operational cooperation) to achieve long-term Partnership, continue to bring business access to your own financial transaction business, including functional trading applications, online simulation systems, marketing materials, 24/7 service and technical support


Through the white label cooperation project, GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED can provide you with the best online trading solution to help you expand your business and seize business opportunities. Partners who participate in the project can provide your customers with an advanced trading platform of your own brand.
Our solutions are tailored to meet individual needs – from stand-alone systems for individual products to a large number of integrated trading solutions. At the same time, we also offer joint projects to enable our partners to use our tools and enjoy the other advantages of using GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED's trade name and reputation. Our joint program allows you to quickly expand your product line under a shared brand.

Trading, Quotation, and Straight Through Processing Solutions

GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED has created a straight-through processing system (STP) for its global white label partners. The system is fully automated, providing a real-time, zero-risk online trading platform for its partners, affiliates and customers, helping our foreign exchange partners enter the financial markets at lower cost and provide the most timely online trading information. And effective background settings.
Advanced technology and powerful transaction processing capabilities make GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED's service more convenient, trading points similar to traditional quotes, and even more than traditional quotes. We can provide you with a personalized client to ensure that every customer can trade securely, safely and conveniently.