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Regulatory policy

GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED is regulated by the US Financial Market Conduct Authority (NFA) and provides financial transaction services in accordance with NFA rules and regulations.

US Financial Market Conduct Authority
NFA is the regulator that regulates US financial markets, exchanges, and financial services companies, and companies regulated by them must comply with NFA rules and guidelines. NFA has the right to take action against companies that violate or fail to meet regulatory requirements.

NFA Regulations for regulated financial institutions
GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED As a fully regulated financial institution under the NFA, it must comply with the strict rules and guidelines set by the NFA. In addition to regularly submitting financial statements and detailed annual audits to the NFA, the client must also deposit the client's funds in NFA-approved The first level of the bank. According to the NFA client funds regulations, all funds received from customers are treated as client funds and must be kept separate from the company's working capital and deposited in a separate bank account. Client funds are not considered to be the company's assets, and GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED may not use client funds to pay for company expenses, conduct risk management, or use these funds in the event of a company's insolvency. The above regulations indicate that all of our clients' investments are better protected. Client funding regulations are an important requirement of the US financial regulatory system, and GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED is committed to complying with the above regulations.

Separation and custody of client funds
All client funds are kept in full and in the hands of HSBC Holding.
The client's funds and company funds of GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED are kept separately. If GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED goes bankrupt, the funds that are kept in custody will be returned to the guests and will not be paid to the creditors.

Financial Supervisor Service
GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED is a member of the Financial Supervisor Services Organization (FOS). This is an external dispute resolution plan in the United States that can handle all financial service disputes provided by GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED.

Complaint Procedure
GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED is committed to providing the best trading services to its clients. If you believe that we have not fulfilled our service pledge, we welcome your comments on our services. We will continuously improve and improve the quality of our services to meet the needs of our customers. If you have any complaints or comments, please send an email to info@gthtrade.com