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- Financial Security Guarantee—

Since GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED is accredited and regulated by the Financial Market Conduct Authority (NFA) to hold client funds, it is responsible for complying with NFA's customer payment rules. These rules are detailed in the NFA's Client and Assets Sourcebook, referred to as CASS.

GTH will only deposit the client's money into a third party with a credit rating equal to the 5th step of the Financial Market Conduct Authority's credit quality. If the company becomes insolvent, the money held in this account may not be used to pay other creditors of the company.

GTH has used all appropriate skills, care and diligence in selecting, appointing and regularly reviewing third parties deposited with customers' money and/or assets.

All provided by the customer The funds are stored in a very secure and top-rated financial institution, which is our guarantee of client funds. The client's exclusive margin account is completely separate from the company's funds and is used only for trading purposes and may not be used for other purposes. This account is subject to FCMC/NFA/NFA's strict supervision. Therefore, no other person or organization can withdraw funds from your trading account.

According to relevant laws , by one of Europe's oldest banks, EXPO, provides state-guaranteed deposit guarantees for Walbrook customers. The cost of the fund compensates for all currencies in all types of deposits (all deposits are aggregated) regardless of the date deposit. , but no more than 100,000 euros. The national guarantee amount covers all deposits - both current account balances and savings account deposits.


Investor Protection Program

GTH protects the deposits of retail customers through the above separate accounts. These funds cannot be used by other creditors. In the rare case where GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED is unable to meet its claim for reimbursement, the eligible claimant is entitled to seek compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS is a US compensation fund and is the final source of compensation for retail customers of recognized financial services companies.

Eligible customers will be placed under the “investment” claim category with a guarantee of £50,000 per person/company. If the client holds an account with a recognized investment company and the amount in the separate account is insufficient, they can still receive up to 50,000 pounds of compensation.

For more information on FSCS and its investor protection, please visit: www.fscs.org.uk.

* Please note that other currency equivalent amounts are subject to exchange rate risk and may vary at the time of payment.